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Kale shake recipe

15 May

Inspired by Joe Rogan I’ve been on a kale shake kick for quite some time. So. I wanted to share my recipe for one of my favourite breakfast shakes.

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Paleo almond cookies

24 Mar

Here’s a quick and delicious recipe for one of my favourite paleo snacks, almond cookies.

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Becoming a caveman part 5: conclusions

10 Mar

After five weeks of eating paleo and two strength and conditioning workouts a week, I have managed to increase my lean mass by 2.7kg, drop 0.8kg of body fat, reduced my waist size by 0.5 of an inch, all while consuming in excess of 4,500 calories most days. Not bad, especially when I haven’t actually found sticking to paleo that hard at all. Continue reading

Becoming a caveman part 4: dairy gone wrong

24 Feb

This week has been less than ideal on the path of becoming a caveman, a business trip to Texas and a Bjj competition today meant some dietary slip ups and a missed work out. However, I did learn one important lesson.
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Becoming a caveman part 3: TOSPAD

17 Feb

“What’s this? I’ve lost weight!?! It’s not meant to work like that!!” I think to myself as I weigh in after week 2 at 94.4kg, half a kilo down from last week. So what’s going wrong?
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Paleo pancakes

16 Feb


With it being pancake day last Tuesday, I wasn’t gonna let a lack of flour or milk spoil the fun. So, this morning I whipped up some paleo pancakes for breakfast. Here’s the recipe…

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Becoming a caveman part 2: Feeling full

10 Feb

After one week of eating paleo in order to build muscle mass, there is one over riding feeling I have, being full. I’ve been devouring food at a rate of knots and even though I feel great (i.e. not feeling sluggish), it’s hard to eat so much whole food. However, it seems to be working… Continue reading