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Kale shake recipe

15 May

Inspired by Joe Rogan I’ve been on a kale shake kick for quite some time. So. I wanted to share my recipe for one of my favourite breakfast shakes.

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Pilates For Men

7 Apr

“Isn’t pilates for women?” I hear you ask. My perception was always that Pilates fell into the more feminine category of exercise, although it was created by a man and is apparently for this man in particular it is a very good way to resolve flexibility and mobility issues with his spine. So, I decided to purhcase
by Daniel Lyon.

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A ‘hunter’s’ shopping trolley

18 Nov

My recent post talked about how to choose what you eat based on whether you can pick it, grow it or hunt it. A simple an effective way to get good nutrition. Now to go one step further and help out those people that are first starting out on their nutritional journey, I wanted to list out what I get in a typical weekly shop. This is by no means a perfect shopping trolley and there some things in there that do not fit truly with the ethos (remember the 80-90% rule), although should be a good starting point for most people. I’m calling it, the ‘hunter’s’ shopping trolley: Continue reading

It’s not about the music

14 Nov

I was chatting to a friend about my latest post ‘Music to Motivate‘ and he said he wasn’t too sure about the choice of music on my playlist, ‘not really my thing’ is what he said. Anyway, I wanted to follow up and say, it’s not about the music. Continue reading