Toughmudder training update

2 Apr

Yesterday was my first attempt at a three mile run to check my training progress for Toughmudder in June, it certainly was a wake up call.
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Doubling up

24 Mar

As part of my training for Tough Mudder in June I’m looking to double a few things. First, a double body weight squat. Second, a double body weight deadlift. Third, double my number of continous dips. Fourth, double my continous closed grip pull ups…..and here’s how I intend to do it. Continue reading

Paleo almond cookies

24 Mar

Here’s a quick and delicious recipe for one of my favourite paleo snacks, almond cookies.

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Ooh, that looks healthy…

21 Mar

Have you prepared a meal, or been in the middle of eating something when someone says ‘Ooh, that looks healthy!’

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Caveman continued

17 Mar


I have decided to stick with eating paleo as I feel it just works. The question now is how well I can maintain this type of eating as I ramp up my strength and conditioning and train for a Tough Mudder in June. The intensity of the training and the subsequent muscle breakdown will be far greater than when I was just training to build mass.

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Becoming a caveman part 5: conclusions

10 Mar

After five weeks of eating paleo and two strength and conditioning workouts a week, I have managed to increase my lean mass by 2.7kg, drop 0.8kg of body fat, reduced my waist size by 0.5 of an inch, all while consuming in excess of 4,500 calories most days. Not bad, especially when I haven’t actually found sticking to paleo that hard at all. Continue reading

Becoming a caveman part 4: dairy gone wrong

24 Feb

This week has been less than ideal on the path of becoming a caveman, a business trip to Texas and a Bjj competition today meant some dietary slip ups and a missed work out. However, I did learn one important lesson.
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