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Ooh, that looks healthy…

21 Mar

Have you prepared a meal, or been in the middle of eating something when someone says ‘Ooh, that looks healthy!’

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A ‘hunter’s’ shopping trolley

18 Nov

My recent post talked about how to choose what you eat based on whether you can pick it, grow it or hunt it. A simple an effective way to get good nutrition. Now to go one step further and help out those people that are first starting out on their nutritional journey, I wanted to list out what I get in a typical weekly shop. This is by no means a perfect shopping trolley and there some things in there that do not fit truly with the ethos (remember the 80-90% rule), although should be a good starting point for most people. I’m calling it, the ‘hunter’s’ shopping trolley: Continue reading

If you can pick it, grow it, or hunt it……then eat it!

16 Sep

What is the simplest way to eat well? I always follow the rule: If you can pick it, grow it or hunt it….then eat it. Conversely, if you can’t pick it, grow it or hunt….then don’t eat it. Continue reading