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New to kettlebells?

7 May

I’ve been using kettlebells for the past three years and over that time I have put together a basic workout for several colleagues and friends, all the time receiving very positive feedback on the results they were getting. Because kettlebells are so alien to most people, it can be really hard to know where to start. So, today I wanted to share the basic starter workout I’ve suggested people use that when learnt, takes than ~16 minutes to complete.

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Pilates For Men

7 Apr

“Isn’t pilates for women?” I hear you ask. My perception was always that Pilates fell into the more feminine category of exercise, although it was created by a man and is apparently for this man in particular it is a very good way to resolve flexibility and mobility issues with his spine. So, I decided to purhcase
by Daniel Lyon.

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Toughmudder training update

2 Apr

Yesterday was my first attempt at a three mile run to check my training progress for Toughmudder in June, it certainly was a wake up call.
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Doubling up

24 Mar

As part of my training for Tough Mudder in June I’m looking to double a few things. First, a double body weight squat. Second, a double body weight deadlift. Third, double my number of continous dips. Fourth, double my continous closed grip pull ups…..and here’s how I intend to do it. Continue reading

Caveman continued

17 Mar


I have decided to stick with eating paleo as I feel it just works. The question now is how well I can maintain this type of eating as I ramp up my strength and conditioning and train for a Tough Mudder in June. The intensity of the training and the subsequent muscle breakdown will be far greater than when I was just training to build mass.

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Dips and shoulder pain

29 Nov

I love dips! I’m not talking about the kind you dunk your food in (although their awesome too), I’m talking about tricep dips.

When I first started doing them over 10 years ago, I used to hate them, although now a workout doesn’t feel the same without cranking out a few.  So you’ll understand why I panicked when I got shoulder pain from dips for the first time about three weeks ago and realised I needed to do something to fix this. Continue reading

BJJ pre-comp interval training

23 Sep

I’ve always consider myself to have pretty good CV. Having played Rugby for over 15 years, I always managed to easily last the 80 minutes, so I had a shock when I entered my first BJJ competition in July 2008.

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