Paleo Vs Hayfever

3 Jun

I’ve been thinking the last few days about the impact of eating Paleo on my hay fever, i.e. can this type of eating reduce the symptoms. Basing this just on my personal experience, I would say yes.

I’ve suffered from hay fever (and believe me you do suffer) for about 15 years. Every year on the dot starting around mid-May the running nose and itchy eyes kick and this last until about early July and this advice I once heard from someone, somewhere really sparks my frustration with the allergy:

“Try to avoid grassy areas, like parks and fields”

Nice plan Batman!! I’ll avoid grassy areas during the summer and just relax in the local park when it’s cold and wet during November. Great advice.

Anyway…..I have tried most remedies, in terms of pills, nasal sprays, wax coating for my nostrils, bee wax capsules. None of them get rid of the symptoms. They do help, although there are downsides too from the dried out feeling you tend to get from the pills and nasal sprays and the other….well they just didn’t work. Another common remedy is eating honey from local bees, which is supposed to work a treat although this is a struggle to get in London at a decent enough price to warrant eating four table spoons a day.

However, this year I have definitely noticed my symptoms are nowhere nearly as bad as previous years. Some sneezing and nose blowing, although certainly bearable, and guess what? I have taken ANY medication to stop the symptoms. It’s already June and the pollen count is high and all I’ve had is a few sneezes.

So why the reduction in symptoms and is paleo the cure?

First, based on the quick search I conducted I couldn’t find studies that show a impact of the paleo diet on hay fever. Although I have seen a change.

Second, why the reduction in symptoms, well according the there could be two things going on:

1. Removing wheat from your diet – because our bodies can be sensitive to wheat, having wheat in your system could prime the body to react to any grass pollen

2. Removing dairy from your diet – this is more to do with the increased mucus you get from eating dairy and the impacts that could have on hay fever.

If you want to read in more detail see the full article here

This is far from conclusive, although food for thought and doing a larger study is definitely going on the my ‘someday’ list.



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