Muscle Core X – BEWARE THE SCAM!!

25 May

Picture the scene, I’m relaxing on a sunny Saturday morning at home after a nice breakfast breakfast cooked by the fiancé and a nice cup of bulletproof coffee, I’m flicking through Facebook on my phone and I see this “Men’s health” add. Well I thought it was a Men’s Health add…..apparently not…

Facebook ad

The add was for two products that makes a ton of claims for muscle building, fat loss, it’s used by athletes, yadda, yadda, the main one was called ‘Muscle Core X’. Now usually (clearly not all the time) I’m pretty savvy when it comes to spotting bullshit products, although while half reading, half randomly hitting the screen on my phone I pressed a link that landed on a ‘Send me my free bottle’ page.

My thought process was ‘Well if Men’s Health are promoting this, then it can’t be a rip off, what is there to lose?!?’ Now, I’ll state straight away this has nothing to do with Men’s Health it was just made to look that way and once I’d realised this I’d already placed the order. Pretty embarrassing I know, so at least you can learn from my mistake.

I instantly did some researching and tried going back to the page to get the T’s&C’s, low and behold the page no longer appears when I click the same Facebook ad. Oh, what a surprise. So, I did a search on the company and found similar products (funnily they now had a different name) and I looked at the T’s&C’s. This is where it get’s really interesting…..

In short it states ‘If you do nothing your credit card will be charged ~£70 and ~£70 every 30 days after that.’ Whoops!! Should have waited till the caffeine had kicked in before ordering. Anyway, safe to say I called up their customer service number asap and told them to cancel any recurring billing and I will be following up when the product arrives and checking with my bank to block any future payments.

Will I be using the product? Hell No! I’ll stick to hard work, good food and good recovery thank you very much. Fingers crossed, all I have lost is a £2.50 delivery charge and gained a valuable life lesson.

What is the lesson, well it could be several things ‘beware the bullshit marketing claim’, ‘do your own research before order products online’ or the good old ‘If it looks too good to be true, it probably is!’


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