Toughmudder training update

2 Apr

Yesterday was my first attempt at a three mile run to check my training progress for Toughmudder in June, it certainly was a wake up call.

I’ve been using the principles of building leg strength and interval sprints for three weeks. The leg strength part has been going well, although I’ve been quite slack on the interval sprints (I’ve only actually done them twice).

Although when I went out yesterday I was quite confident I could cruise for 3 miles at a half decent pace. It started well, looking at the watch I was going at a 7 minute mile pace and I would have been more than happy to complete the run in 21 minutes, a nice starting point after just three weeks. Then just after two miles my legs died and really started to cease up and they are sore enough this having stopped when I did. I don’t want to think what they’d be like if I pushed on.

The Easter weekend drinking and eating may have been a factor, although if I’m really honest with myself I just haven’t taken the interval sprints seriously enough and thought I could rely on the leg strength element. Big mistake! So on the slow walk home yesterday and with two months to go until the Toughmudder, I decided I need to start running and running hard. I do not want my legs failing half way around a twelve mile assault course.


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