Caveman continued

17 Mar


I have decided to stick with eating paleo as I feel it just works. The question now is how well I can maintain this type of eating as I ramp up my strength and conditioning and train for a Tough Mudder in June. The intensity of the training and the subsequent muscle breakdown will be far greater than when I was just training to build mass.

Tough Mudder is a 10-12 mile assault course, think running through mud, over hills and jumping/climbing over a ton of obstacles. Furthest I have ever run in one stretch is 10k (which I managed in 49 minutes), so its double the distance although I reckon my levels of overall fitness are pretty good, just need to build up the running. How you ask?

Taking some training tips from the often referred to 4 Hour Body, where Tim Ferriss talks about training from running a 5k up to a 50k. He takes an unconventional approach from ultra runners that basically involves three key elements:

1. Building up leg strength

2. Interval sprint repeats

3. Adapting running style

There is a load more detail to it than that in the book, although this is how I’ve translated it for my training:

1. Working to a double body weight squat (current best is 150kg x 5) and a double body weight deadlift (current best is 155kg x 5) and my weight is  ~96kg, so I  need to reach lifts of, you guessed it, ~192kg.

2. I’ll be running either 8 x 200m repeats, or 4 x 400m repeats twice per week

3. The main element here is to adapt your style to running a cadence of 180 steps per minute

In addition to the above I’m also going to try and double the number of continuous gymnastic ring dips (current best 20) and continuous gymnastic ring close grip pull ups (current best 15) using Pavel Tsatouline’s Greasing the Grove conept. This will be an attempt to improve strength endurance to tackle all those lovely obstacles!

As for the actual training schedule I’ll use for the strength training and detail of Greasing the Groove, well you’ll just have to wait until next week.


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