Becoming a caveman part 4: dairy gone wrong

24 Feb

This week has been less than ideal on the path of becoming a caveman, a business trip to Texas and a Bjj competition today meant some dietary slip ups and a missed work out. However, I did learn one important lesson.

Introducing dairy back into my diet, even just a small amount, does not agree with me. On the flight I had a small portion of potato gratin with my steak….I was hungry and couldn’t say no to the potatos. My body said no to the cheese. Within about 30 minutes I had really bad stomach cramps, which was followed later by, how can I put this, my body ‘dealing’ with the cheese.

Similar thing happened later on that day. I had some mash potato that I suspect had cream in it with my meal and almost instantly I got stomach cramps…was it the dairy causing the issue? I can’t know for sure, although something I’ll definitely test at a later date.

As for the missed workout, I didn’t want to do any resistance training just a few days out from a competition. Wanted to be fresh.

Anyway, apart from that my weight has stayed constant, so from tmrw it’s back on the paleo wagon and going to town on the TOSPAD and time under tension.


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