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Becoming a caveman part 4: dairy gone wrong

24 Feb

This week has been less than ideal on the path of becoming a caveman, a business trip to Texas and a Bjj competition today meant some dietary slip ups and a missed work out. However, I did learn one important lesson.
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Becoming a caveman part 3: TOSPAD

17 Feb

“What’s this? I’ve lost weight!?! It’s not meant to work like that!!” I think to myself as I weigh in after week 2 at 94.4kg, half a kilo down from last week. So what’s going wrong?
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Paleo pancakes

16 Feb


With it being pancake day last Tuesday, I wasn’t gonna let a lack of flour or milk spoil the fun. So, this morning I whipped up some paleo pancakes for breakfast. Here’s the recipe…

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Becoming a caveman part 2: Feeling full

10 Feb

After one week of eating paleo in order to build muscle mass, there is one over riding feeling I have, being full. I’ve been devouring food at a rate of knots and even though I feel great (i.e. not feeling sluggish), it’s hard to eat so much whole food. However, it seems to be working… Continue reading

Becoming a caveman part 1: Measurements of a modern man

3 Feb

So, week 1 has started of  my latest endeavor to build muscle while following a paleo lifestyle. First things first, I wanted to lay out my goal, the various principles I will be following, my current baseline and also the workout I’ll be using.

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