Paleo and muscle gain

26 Jan

Belated hello 2013….so far I’m already behind on one of my goals, writing a blog post a week. However, if I still manage 48 for the rest of the year, that’ll be pretty good going. So here goes….

I’ve decided to embark on a little experiment over the next few weeks, combining a paleo lifestyle (I don’t like the word diet) with building lean mass. A few things have kicked this off.

First, vanity. Even though I focus the majority of my exercise of functional movement geared towards jiu jitsu and health, I’m a bloke and no matter how much we may try to deny it, most men would like a little more muscle. I’ve also had Tim Ferriss’ 4 hour body for a while and have wanted to test out his muscle building protocol. There, I admitted it!

Second, I just came back from the European Jiu Jitsu championship in Lisbon, which didn’t go great and is another story for another time. While there I weighed in 4kg below the top of my weight class. So I want to make sure I’m not giving away too much of an advantage.

Third, while in Lisbon a training partner raved about the his experience with paleo and Robb Wolf’s book The Paleo Solution. I’ve used paleo-esque concepts for a while, although never gone 100% and always wanted to.

Fourth, one of the things that’s always put me off paleo was whether I’d lose too much weight. I train several times a week and have always worried that I wouldn’t get enough calories on paleo to maintain my weight. Only one way to test it, try it.

So, I’m armed with ‘4 hour body’ and ‘The Paleo Solution’ and will be reading the books and planning my experiment over the next week and will then spend a period (TBD) putting the plan into action. Next week I’ll post the plan and my various measurements so I record my baseline.


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    […] The goal is quite simple: build +4kg of lean mass while following a paleo diet and using a body weight exercise routine. There are obviously several other questions that arise from using this approach, for example, will I build muscle while also reducing body fat? Can body weight exercises be effective for building mass? etc, etc. Questions I’m definitely hoping to answer, although the goal is still all about adding mass. For the reasons, check out my previous post here […]

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